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AI affiliate program you should join in 2023

AI affiliate program looking to grow your affiliate marketing business by promoting tools in one of the fastest-growing spaces on the web? Then look no further. Here are the 12 best AI affiliate programs to sign up for in 2023.

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AI writer affiliate programs

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  1. GetResponse  – Hoa hồng định kỳ 33% hoặc hoa hồng $100 một lần cho mỗi lần bán
  2. Pictory Affiliate – 20% – 50% commissions on each sale, 9.999-day so there’s no chance you will miss out
  3. Writesonic – 30% lifetime recurring commissions
  4. Semrush – up to $200 per sale, 120-day cookie window
  5. Surfer – 25% lifetime recurring commissions, 30-day referral period
  6. Frase – lifetime commission of up to 40%, 60-day referral period
  7. Descript – 15% recurring for up to 12 months, 30-day referral period
  8. Synthesia – 20% recurring commissions rate for up to 12 months on personal plans, 60-day referral period
  9. Murf – 20% recurring commissions for up to 24 months, 90-day referral window
  10. Otter – up to 80% per sale, 30-day referral window
  11. LANDR – $50 per sale, 30-day referral window
  12. Deep Art Effects – 25 percent commission rate, 120-cookie window

How AI tools change what we do

AI tools have brought about significant changes in various aspects of our lives and work. Here are some ways in which AI tools have transformed what we do:

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AI tools have enabled the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up human resources to focus on more complex and creative tasks. This has led to increased efficiency and productivity in various industries.

Data Analysis:

AI tools can process and analyze large volumes of data at speeds far beyond human capabilities. This has revolutionized fields such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and research, allowing for better insights and informed decision-making.


AI-powered algorithms analyze user data to offer personalized recommendations and experiences. This is evident in streaming platforms, e-commerce sites, and social media, where AI tailors content to individual preferences.

Predictive Analytics:

AI tools can forecast future trends and outcomes based on historical data patterns. This is utilized in fields like stock trading, weather prediction, and disease outbreak modeling.


AI tools are used for medical image analysis, drug discovery, patient diagnosis, and personalized treatment plans. They can identify patterns in medical data that might not be evident to human experts.

Customer Service:

Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI provide instant and round-the-clock customer support, answering queries, solving problems, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing and Logistics:

AI-powered robots and drones are transforming manufacturing and supply chain logistics by automating assembly lines, warehouse management, and delivery processes.

Language Translation:

AI-driven language translation tools have made communication across languages more accessible, breaking down barriers in global business and communication.

Creative Content Generation:

AI tools can generate art, music, and even written content. They are used to assist creative professionals in ideation and content creation.


AI-powered platforms can provide personalized learning experiences, adapting content to the pace and style of individual learners. They also assist teachers in administrative tasks and assessments.

Financial Services:

AI tools are used for fraud detection, risk assessment, algorithmic trading, and portfolio management in the financial sector.


AI tools help optimize crop yield by analyzing data on soil quality, weather patterns, and plant health. They enable more efficient resource allocation and sustainable farming practices.


AI accelerates research by processing vast amounts of scientific data, helping researchers discover new patterns and insights in fields such as genetics, physics, and climate science.


AI is used in the creation of video games, special effects in movies, and content recommendation algorithms for streaming platforms.

Energy Management:

AI tools optimize energy consumption in smart grids, reducing waste and improving overall energy efficiency.


AI algorithms help detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in real-time by identifying unusual patterns and behaviors within networks.

However, it’s important to note that the integration of AI tools also presents challenges related to ethics, job displacement, bias in algorithms, data privacy, and the need for continuous human oversight. The impact of AI tools on society is a complex interplay between their benefits and potential drawbacks.

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The best AI affiliate programs

GetResponse affiliate program

GetResponse Marketing Automation | E-commerce conditions!

Any conversation about the best affiliate programs must involve GetResponse. However, let’s first understand the features and capabilities of this tool.

GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform that provides small and mid-sized businesses, affiliate marketers, solopreneurs, coaches, and marketers with powerful and affordable tools to grow their audience, engage with their subscribers, and turn subscribers into paying customers.

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GetResponse’s AI Features

GetResponse is at the forefront of digital marketing and ecommerce AI solutions. First, GetResponse users can create and expand their digital footprints with an AI-driven, code-free website builder. It generates a unique website by answering simple questions about your needs. Next, ecommerce sellers can personalize customer shopping experiences and email campaigns with automated, AI-driven product recommendations. Lastly, GetResponse’s AI email generator creates engaging and attention-grabbing email campaigns.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

GetResponse’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • 33 percent recurring commission rate or a one-time $100 commission paid on verified accounts
  • No earnings caps and unlimited affiliate commissions on all conversions
  • An industry-leading 120-day referral window to get credit for your promotional activities
  • Multiple commission payout options, including PayPal, ACH, and Eurotransfer

Pictory Affiliate – AI affiliate program

We Pay You To Recommend Pictory

Earn recurring commissions of up to 50% and get a FREE LIFETIME Pictory Premium account PLUS a $1,000 CASH BONUS just for recommending paying customers to us from your community via our industry-leading Affiliate Partner Program.

It’s completely free, you don’t need any prior experience, and it takes less than 2 minutes to get started.

Start earning today.


Standard Affiliate Partner – AI affiliate program

As soon as sign up you’ll become a Standard Affiliate Partner and enjoy the following benefits…

  • You automatically get 20% of every subscription from new paying customers who sign up via your affiliate link and these customers automatically become your sub-affiliates.
  • You automatically get 10% of commissions paid to your sub-affiliates.
  • Unique Discount Coupon Code, customers who enter this at checkout will enjoy a 20% discount on their subscription for the lifetime of their subscription.
  • Payments reoccur for the lifetime of subscriptions.
  • All payments are made via PayPal.
  • Payments start after your refer your second paid subscriber.
  • Minimum payout $10 per month.
  • Subscriptions are eligible for commission payout 30 days after payment has been made.
  • Payments are made on or around the first working day of every month.

VIP Affiliate Pictory Partner

As soon as you refer your 50th paying customer you’ll be automatically promoted to VIP Affiliate Partner status and enjoy all the Standard Affiliate Partner benefits plus…

  • Enhanced commission rate, 30% on all new subscriptions instead of 20%.
  • Unique Promo Discount Coupon Code, meaning you can offer your customers extra discounts during our promotions and flash sales.
  • No minimum monthly payout threshold.
  • PROMOTION BONUS: Free 1 Year Premium Pictory Account.

Writesonic – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Writesonic is an AI-driven writing assistant offering content generation capabilities by providing AI-generated suggestions, prompts, and drafts. This allows users to produce articles, blog posts, social media content, and more with minimal time and effort.

Writesonic can also craft compelling product headlines, descriptions, and copy, improving ecommerce marketing strategies and boosting conversions. For example, Amazon sellers can use Writesonic to write titles, descriptions, and features.

One of the strengths of Writesonic is its ability to generate content in multiple languages, making it a valuable tool for users across different regions and markets. Additionally, the platform offers text analysis features, including readability and sentiment analysis, to help users optimize their content for better engagement and reception by their target audience.

Writesonic’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • 30 percent lifetime recurring commission
  • 30-day referral period

Semrush – AI affiliate program

Semrush is a digital marketing toolkit offering insights and analytics for SEO, content marketing, advertising, and social media management. Its extensive range of features helps businesses and marketers optimize their online presence, track competition, and discover new opportunities. Users can also research keywords, analyze backlinks, audit website performance, and monitor their brand’s online reputation.

Semrush supports content creation by suggesting topics and tracking content performance. For instance, its SEO Writing Assistant is an all-in-one writing tool that provides real-time feedback as you write. It will also analyze your text and grade it based on readability, SEO, originality, and tone of voice.

The Rephraser is another SEO Writing Assistant feature. It analyzes thousands of existing articles to rephrase your copy without losing meaning and works best with short bits of text of 20 to 130 characters.

Semrush’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • Up to $200 per sale
  • 120-day cookie window
  • Join the affiliate program on Impact

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Surfer – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Surfer is a powerful optimization tool that helps businesses and marketers improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. By analyzing the top-performing pages in search results, Surfer SEO provides data-driven recommendations for on-page optimization, including keyword usage, content structure, and technical elements.

The app’s interface allows users to quickly identify areas for improvement and implement changes based on real-time insights. With Surfer’s content editor, writers can create SEO-friendly content that aligns with current ranking factors. Lastly, Surfer integrates with top tools, including Jasper, Semrush, WordPress, and Google Docs.

Surfer’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • 25 percent lifetime recurring commission
  • 30-day referral period

Frase – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Frase is an AI-driven content optimization and analytics tool designed to help marketers, writers, and businesses create high-quality, search-engine-optimized briefs and articles. It generates data-driven insights and content ideas by analyzing user intent and top-ranking search results for better audience alignment.

Frase’s content editor simplifies the writing process by offering real-time suggestions on keyword usage, readability, and topic coverage. Additionally, its question research feature helps users identify relevant questions their target audience is asking, ensuring that the content effectively addresses users’ needs.

Frase’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • Lifetime recurring commission of up to 40 percent
  • 60-day referral period
  • Affiliates can try Frase for one dollar

Descript – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Descript is a versatile audio and video editing platform designed to simplify the content creation process for podcasters, video creators, and multimedia professionals. It allows users to edit audio and video files directly from transcripts. That innovative approach eliminates the need for complex editing tools, making it accessible to beginners and experienced creators.

Descript offers automatic speaker labeling, noise reduction, and filler word removal, enhancing the overall quality of output files. Additionally, the platform supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on projects simultaneously. AI voices, clip creation, screen recording, subtitles, and captions round out Descript’s features.

Descript’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • 15 percent recurring commission rate for up to 12 months
  • 30-day referral period - RAK

Synthesia – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Synthesia is a video creation platform that leverages AI to generate realistic and customizable virtual characters. It has 125+ AI avatars, 120+ languages, 60+ video templates, and free media assets. Moreover, its technology has widespread applications, including marketing, e-learning, corporate training, and personalized messaging.

Synthesia enables users to create professional-quality videos without requiring camera equipment, actors, or complex editing software. Instead, creators can input their scripts and select from various virtual characters, languages, and backgrounds to produce engaging video content in minutes.

Synthesia’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • 20 percent recurring commission rate for up to 12 months on personal plans
  • 60-day referral period

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Murf – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Murf is an AI-powered text-to-speech platform designed to convert written content into realistic, human-like audio. It enables users to create high-quality voiceovers for various applications such as podcasts, YouTube videos, e-learning materials, audiobooks, and more by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing.

First, Murf’s user-friendly dashboard makes transforming text into speech efficient, with options for customizing tone, pitch, and speed to create the desired effect. Secondly, its extensive library of AI-generated voices offers various accents, languages, and vocal styles. That allows users to tailor the audio output to match their target audience and content requirements.

Murf’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • 20 percent recurring commission rate for up to 24 months
  • 90-day referral window

Otter – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Otter is an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, captures slides, and generates summaries. It also converts audio recordings into accurate, searchable, and editable text by leveraging advanced speech recognition and natural language processing,

Otter supports various use cases, including meetings, interviews, lectures, and content creation. Additionally, the platform supports collaboration, allowing users to share transcriptions with team members, annotate, and leave comments. Finally, connect Otter to your Google or Microsoft calendar to automatically join and record your meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Otter’s affiliate program offers the following:

  • Up to 80 percent per sale
  • 30-day referral window
  • Join the affiliate program on Impact

LANDR – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

LANDR empowers artists to create and market, transforming how music is produced and shared. Its advanced music platform provides AI-driven mastering, distribution, and collaboration tools for musicians, producers, and audio professionals.

LANDR streamlines the mastering process by automatically adjusting levels and compression to create professional-quality audio. Users can upload their tracks, choose from different mastering styles, and receive polished audio files in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, LANDR offers a distribution service that allows artists to release their music on popular streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), manage royalties, and track analytics.

LANDR’s referral program offers the following:

  • $50 per each sale
  • 30-day referral window
  • Referrals get $50 off LANDR Studio - RAK

Deep Art Effects – AI affiliate program

AI affiliate program

Deep Art Effects is an AI-powered image editing platform that transforms ordinary photos into stunning works of art inspired by famous artistic styles and techniques. Leveraging advanced deep learning algorithms and neural networks, the platform allows users to apply various filters and effects to their images, creating visually striking and unique results.

The app offers diverse artistic styles, from classic painters such as Van Gogh and Monet to modern designs and abstract patterns. Users can experiment with different effects to find the perfect look for their social media posts, marketing materials, or personal use.

A2 Hosting

The Deep Art Effects affiliate program offers the following:

  • A 25 percent commission rate
  • 120-day cookie window
  • Join the affiliate program on CJ Affiliate


AI technologies are revolutionizing various aspects of business, transforming traditional workflows, and providing competitive advantages.

AI tools also help solopreneurs, freelancers, content creators, and digital marketers to streamline and simplify processes. For example, YouTubers can use AI tools to generate content ideas, titles, descriptions, keywords, and hashtags. Similarly, graphic designers can use AI apps to develop logos, artwork, color schemes, and briefs.

In other words, AI is everywhere. And now, it can also power up your affiliate marketing business, too!

If you’re looking for a well-established affiliate program to help you generate extra income, look no further than the list above.

If, however, you’re looking for a marketing tool that you can not only refer – but also use to grow and promote your affiliate business, be sure to check out GetResponse!

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