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Keto bread - Keto Vegan Recipes Book

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Keto bread – Keto Vegan Recipes Book

Keto Breads is a physical book with nearly 40 meticulously-tested, grain-free and low-carb bread recipes, which taste just like the real thing! Also included is an extensive introduction, with detailed how-to instructions to make things easy for your customer.

This is More than a Book: It’s a Complete Baking Program of baking Keto bread

I wanted to provide you with more than just recipes, so I also wrote a complete introduction.

Inside, you will find every grain-free baking secret I’ve learned over the years, including fail-proof tips to ensure your breads rise to their fullest potential.

That way you not only understand how to achieve the best results every time, but you also understand WHY these recipes work so well… and how to customize to your own tastes and preferences.

Do you prefer a “hard roll” crust… or would you like a chewy crust with a shiny sheen? Either way, we’ll show you how to make these breads your own.

Check out a few more of the luxurious loaves that take just minutes to prepare…


You Don’t Need to be an Experienced Baker to bake Keto Bread as Superior Results.

It wasn’t easy to develop these recipes.

But all those years of time and effort have made it VERY easy for you!

We worked hard to simplify each recipe. There are no complicated techniques or drawn out preparation methods. Most of these recipes can be made in just 15-20 minutes of hands-on time!

If you can mix a few ingredients in a bowl… shape the dough into a ball or drop it in a pan… and then slide it into the oven – you can make Keto Breads!

It’s that easy!

You will enjoy all the grain-free bread-baking tips in Keto Breads, Plus 35 amazingly simple and delicious recipes.

For just $17 + $5.95 Shipping & Handling!


Keto Breads

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Keto Breads


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