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Top 10 FAQs -What is Reselling – Reseller Hosting?

Reselling is a collaborative partnership where companies allow third parties to sell their products as one of their own. By doing this, they expand their reach beyond their company’s target audience and reach more people.

The concept of reselling has become increasingly popular due to the convenience it offers to companies, and the high number of sales generated through the partnership. However, some people may be hesitant to participate in reselling due to a lack of knowledge in the field. If you are an aspiring web hosting reseller looking to invest time in a new business opportunity, then read on to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Reselling

1. What is Reselling – Reseller Hosting?

Running a web hosting company involves many things — acquiring and maintaining IT infrastructure, billing and managing customers, and much more. Needless to say, all of this also requires a lot of capital.

But with reseller hosting, you can provide web hosting services to your customers without all of the overhead and headaches of setting up and running an entire IT company. The “parent” company provides the digital infrastructure, freeing you (the reseller) to focus on creating, maintaining, and expanding your customer base. Even better, with white-label reseller hosting plans, you can brand everything under your own business name and logo.

2.   How Do I Become a Reselling?

To become a web hosting reseller, find a company that you are interested in partnering with. Make sure you find a reliable and trusted company, like A2 Hosting. Feel free to contact us — we are happy to help and answer your questions!

3.   Who Can Become a Reselling?

Anyone can become a reseller. If you are a driven and motivated individual, then you are the perfect candidate. As long as you are willing to learn and determined to succeed, then we are happy to welcome you as a reseller.

4.   Why Should I Reselling?

Reselling is a great way to gain business experience, such as.

  • How to sell a product.
  • How to advertise your services.
  • How to run a business.
  • … and much more!

If you are looking to start your own business, or want to build your reputation and expertise to explore other business opportunities, then reseller hosting may be a good fit for you. You are able to gain necessary experience while generating your own revenue.

5.   How Much Capital do I Need?

This typically depends on the company you are collaborating with. Many companies offer flexible packages that allow a reseller to pick and choose from their list of options depending on their budget. There are companies that also permit resellers to build their own packages in terms of variety and quantity to personalize their experience.

At A2 Hosting, we have a variety of reseller plans to help you launch your web hosting business.

6.   How Much is the Profit to reselling?

The profit depends solely on how well you do. You set your own profit margins and quotas. Work within your limits and try your best to surpass them if you can.

7.   Do I Need My Own Domain Name?

As a web hosting reseller, you should have your own domain name. The domain name is an important part of your company’s identity.

If you do not have a domain name yet, make sure you read our tips for choosing an effective domain name.

8.   How Do I Create my Own Packages and Prices?

Many resellers use WebHost Manager (WHM) to create and manage account packages. For the billing and customer account management side of your business, WHMCS and Blesta are popular choices.

A2 Hosting

9.   How Can I Succeed in reselling?

As with most things, it all comes down to how hard you work. If you are new to reselling, it can all seem a bit overwhelming at first. Like any business, reseller hosting requires hard work and perseverance. But it can also be very rewarding, and profitable at the same time.

10. Where Do I Start to reselling?

Start by contacting us today! We are always ready to welcome new resellers. We can help you get your web hosting business off the ground and guide you through the initial setup process.

Take the next step into unlocking your potential by working with us!

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